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 I guess I need to start with apologies since it’s been way too long since my latest update.   So ..  I’m sorry!!

Well,  we’re off to a new start in 2010 and I don’t know of too many folks that are sorry to see 2009 disappear forever!    The good news is that the economy and the especially the job market are beginning to gain traction.  I think it’s worth while to examine where we are in this burgeoning  job market as I think we still have room for improvement.    Well,  where are  we?  I think there are a number of companies who are finally beginning to hire but many( not all!) seem to think they are the only ones in their repective market  who are hiring.  So what does this mean ? These are the companies that have unrealistic expectations of what they can get for a buck these days and they are taking their own sweet time in making hiring decisions.  Truth is –they are not the only ones hiring !!!  Many hiring companies are licking their chops thinking they can break all the rules of good hiring and they will–learn the Hard Way.  If you think  you can under pay and applicants will simply mosy on up to your front door you will—learn the Hard Way.  If you think you can take your time when the right applicant does come, you will —learn the Hard Way.    So, unfortunely, for many applicants there will be some continued frustrations with this job market but we have to go through this typical post recession progression before certain hiring companies get it.  This same phenomenom happend in the past recessions this recruiter has witnessed since 1987.    But I want to stress that this process is getting easier every day:

1)  because hiring companies are “getting it”

2)  Not all companies are making repeating past mistakes.

There are companies that remember past recessions and realize that there is value in hiring new employees into the proper salary levels, etc. and treating them with the respect that anyone deserves.

Interesting fact:  53% of currently employees will seek a new job when the recession has ended.  We’re at the beginning of this process now! The churn over this next year will be very interesting.


Well winter is finally here! The Tommasi gang is taking advantage of as much winter fun as we can.  It seems as though we’ve shifting our focus into more Nordic( Is sledding considered Nordic?) oriented activities this year.  It’s all good fun!  We’ve even been successful in converting some  other families to the joy of sliding on snow.  Give it whirl!!!