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Job Market Prognostics

So I'm driving home from Vermont that past Columbus Day and my wife, forgetting that's it's Monday night and not Sunday night,  puts on NPR hoping to hear the Click and Clack brothers show( highly recommended by the way these guys are great!).   But it's just NPR news...

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Learning the Hard Way in the New Year

 I guess I need to start with apologies since it's been way too long since my latest update.   So ..  I'm sorry!! Well,  we're off to a new start in 2010 and I don't know of too many folks that are sorry to see 2009 disappear forever!    The good news is that the...

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The State of The Job Market

Everyone is has been reading the news that the jobs market is the last to rebound out of any recession and this one is no different. Well, to a certain extent that is true. But the fact is that THERE ARE STILL JOBS OUT THERE!!! My view is fairly myopic as I play in...

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